Petramar has chosen a leading company in outdoor design and in the production of pergolas, awnings and shade sails.

With a wide variety of configurations, we are now able to satisfy the most demanding requests of designers, architects, individuals and outdoor professionals.


Bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas will protect and enhance your home’s open space. Our louvres are climate-controlled, providing you with a cool and comfortable environment. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the fresh outdoors in the perfect temperature.
Our louvres will protect your outdoor spaces from the sun’s rays, and your home, garden, or terrace will be protected from winds and strong breezes – especially when the weather surprises you with a rainstorm.

Pergola system with a linear design

The new outdoor pergola system with a linear design, is characterized by its innovative light inserts.
Its retracting roof is fixed to a system of crossbar profiles and guides and the system allows a horizontal sliding.

Aluminium pergolas

Whether it is a garden or a terrace, a poolside or a park, an aluminium pergola will help you design a new way of living outdoors in a personalised way and following the trends of contemporary architecture, every day, all year round.

Pergola with folding cloth

An innovative pergola awning with aluminium structure and folding cloth. This modular shade structure can be closed on its sides with awnings or glass doors; it differs from Xtesa as it has no hooks and electromagnet on the guide’s front caps.


Horizontal retractable awning

An awning when opened, an exclusive-design rooflet when closed: is a perfect match of high industrial technology and Italian design. Horizontal retractable awning with LED strip kit optional.

Folding arms

KE folding arm awnings are available in a range of finishes and you can choose from many types of fabric, all fully certified and with varying degrees of solar resistance. Our awnings are wind and weather resistant and can be customised according to your needs. Awnings harmoniously enhance any commercial or residential setting and, no matter what size your project, we’re happy to assist with technical details.

Drop arms

On any given day, terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces might receive light and shade, the energy of the sun or the cooling effects of a fresh breeze. Drop arm awnings combine design, aesthetics, technique and efficiency and offer an ideal way to add comfort and style to your outdoor spaces.


A canopy awning protects outdoor patios from the sunlight and harsh winds. An outdoor canopy is classy, timeless and provides your space with shade, comfort and total privacy. Our coverings add decor and elegance to any home, villa or establishment.


Living surrounded by nature under a garden cover enables you to relax in fresh air. Outdoor structures equipped with a garden cover blend decor and beauty on your patio. Terraces, playgrounds or loggias featuring an outdoor cover allow you to savour notable moments while experiencing the outdoors.

Roller awnings

Elegant and minimalist, our roller awnings offer you the choice of keeping fabric in view or integrating it into the window structure after use.

Shade Sails


KOLIBRIE is the stylish outdoor sail shading system which features only one offset support column in stainless-steel, capable of 360° rotation due to the pedestal bearings.
Handling can be manual or motorized, thanks to motorization. With the anemometer, the awning will close automatically when sensing strong winds.


KHEOPE fixed sail shading system stands out as a large shading sail, which covers an important area, representing an innovative choice for the sun protection of tomorrow. The stainless-steel structure and the nautical materials ensure great functionality and lightweight design.

Special outdoor structures

All our special outdoor structures are custom-made, durable and aesthetically appealing. We strive to find the best solutions for our clients with steadfast research.
For us, every project is a new challenge. We search for the most up-to-date, innovative technology so we can offer our clients the most effective coverage. Our special outdoor covers offer an ultimate solution for the outdoor areas of restaurants and villas.

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