World flags

We manufacture national and maritime merchant flags as well as state ensigns of all countries.

Atlante delle diverse bandiere del mondo

Institutional Flags

Diversi tipi di bandiere istituzionali

Flags of the high offices of the Italian state

Italian Presidential flag, Italian Prime Minister flag, flag of the Interior Minister of Italy, flag of the Defence Ministry of Italy, Italian State Police flag, and many more.

Italian Tricolour flag

Italian national flag, civil and naval merchant ensigns, and state naval ensign

Italian Navy flags

Italian naval ensign, Italian naval Jack, Italian military naval pennant

European flag

Flag of the European Union with individual member state canton

International flags

Flags of the UN, EU, NATO, UNICEF, etc.

City and Region flags

Flags of all Italian and international City councils and regions/districts

Historical flags

Italian and international historical flags

Tre tipi di bandiere di regioni italiane

Maritime flags

Tre tipi di bandiere mercantili

Merchant ensigns

Standard and custom size merchant ensigns

International maritime signal flags / Bunting flags

Full 40-flag set or individual flags available. We manufacture bespoke buntings flag sets

Atlante dei segnali navali

Bespoke and custom flags

Bespoke flags

Bespoke and custom printed flags

Corporate and associations flags

Bespoke corporate, club & association flags

Flags for rallies and events

Custom political parties, movements, and trade union flags

Bandiere di diverse fantasie

Teardrop and bow banner flags

Disegno che mostra la grandezza delle bandiere Petramar confrontate a una figura umana

We manufacture custom teardrop and bow banner flags in a range of shapes and sizes, 190cm to 470cm tall.

Nautical polyester flags with collapsible, custom-fit aluminium frame.


Identification pennants

State Police, Italian Custom Police, Fire Brigade, Italian Carabinieri, Italian Postal Service, etc…

Club pennants

Custom-made pennants for sailing and boat clubs

Tre guidoni distintivi personalizzati

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