For both outdoor and indoor use, flags are an eye-catching option for displaying your message or giving directions.
There are a wide range of options available, from on-the-move street flags to our highly popular Zoom+ flags.

Bandiera per Zoom Edge
Bandiera per Zoom Feather
Bandiera a vela per Zoomcrest
Bandiera a goccia per Zoom Quill

Roller banner

Diversi tipi di display roolup per fiere ed eventi

Banners are still one of the most popular, effective and easy ways to promote your business and get your message across in a wide variety of environments.

With one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, our banners are designed to suit every budget and fit all situations.

From single to frequent use and multiple changing of graphics.

Tension banner

Our most versatile range of banners, designed to fit into any space and provide a seamless image and backdrop that gives maximum impact.

Our Tension Banner systems can be modular and linkable to create any size and shape, or simple stand-alone units, making them versatile and easy to use.

They are available in a wide range of substrates.

Diversi tipi di display per fiere ed eventi


Gazebi di diversi tipi per fiere ed eventi

Choose from our comprehensive range of banners and signage for displaying your brand in a wide variety of indoor or outdoor locations.

Our range also includes tents, counters and backwalls, sign boards and barriers for pedestrian guidance, not to mention our choice of inflatables and parasols.

Giving your message the impact it deserves in outdoor locations requires specialist, high quality solutions.

Pos signage

ModulateTM is the fusion of two original concepts, recognised for their success in the world of retail and exhibitions: Formulate, a range of tubular structures, and Vector modular frames.

ModulateTM consists of a set of frames made from aluminium tubes covered with a printed tension fabric graphic. These frames can be connected together using powerful magnets inside each element.

Based on this simple magnetic principle, the different ModulateTM frames combine to create the perfect configuration for every venue: retail outlets, trade shows, shell schemes, exhibition venues, shopping centre, or in office environments as simple partitioning for meeting areas.

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Display di diversi tipi per fiere ed eventi


Fondali di diversi tipi per fiere ed eventi

Our Backwall products include our Hop-up and Pop-up displays, they provide a quick and easy way to create stunning backdrops, exhibition stands and displays.

They are lightweight, compact and practical, with cleverly designed systems that set up in minutes. Graphics are easily attached to a Pop-up frame or left in place on a Hop-up.


Designed for a wide variety of uses, our portable counters cater for almost any situation or occasion and are an ideal way to welcome your guests.

We have designed a comprehensive range of items in many shapes and sizes, most of which can support graphics that project your brand.

Banchetti di diversi tipi per fiere ed eventi

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