Lifeboats covers

We manufacture lifeboat covers for top Italian and international cruise and passengers lines such as:

PVC canopy

We make bespoke PVC hoods and covers for:

  • pilot ladders
  • davit controllers, lifeboats, liferafts
  • outboard motors, fast rescue boats
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • command bridges

…and much more!

Canopies and Bimini tops

Boat canopies

Boat canopies and Bimini tops with folding or fixed, aluminium or stainless steel frames


Mooring covers for boats, tenders, dinghies, and personal watercrafts (PWCs)
Covers for outboard motors, centre consoles, boat seats.
Sailboat awnings

Marine and heliport products


Our lifejackets are quality tested and certified according to current regulations; they have a high[L4] level of buoyancy and are easy to fold and stow.
Sold either separately or as part of our 6-mile and beyond safety kits

Signalling equipment

Day mark signals (ball signals, cone signals, double cone signals, cylinder signals), all coming with a stainless steel framing


Drogues for recreational boats, lifeboats, fishing vessels, and patrol boats. Various sizes available, with or without ropes.


Our windsocks are made with polyester fabric and come with nylon tubular hoops and anchorage ropes. Various sizes available.

Prohibited Landing marker

PVC prohibited landing marker with stainless steel grommets around its perimeter. Storage bag available separately. Dimensions: 4 x 4m

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